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School Uniform

School Uniform  


At the PRU, we believe that school uniforms promote a sense of identity, look smart and encourage the children to take pride in both their appearance and in the school or PRU they attend. In order to discourage competition in dress, maintain standards of appearance and provide sensible work-wear, it is expected that all children wear school uniform when they attend the PRU.   All items of clothing should be named. 


From time to time, we appreciate that there may be reasons why your child is not in uniform. If that is the case, please let us know the reason. If your child attends the PRU and is not wearing suitable clothes, then wherever possible, we will lend your child suitable items of clothing until you can arrange for them to wear appropriate clothes. 


Part-time, dual-registered pupils: 

  • Their agreed mainstream school uniform, including hijabs if appropriate
  • Plain black footwear (high heels are not allowed) 
  • During the Summer Term, pupils may wear dresses or shorts, consistent with their mainstream school uniform


Pupils who are not currently attending a mainstream school:

  • Plain black or grey trousers or plain leggings  (pupils may wear skirts or a pinafore dress if they wish) 
  • White/blue shirt or polo shirt 
  • Plain black/grey/navy jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt 
  • Plain black or grey socks (pupils may wear tights if they wish) 
  • Plain back footwear (high heels are not allowed) 
  • Plain hijab, if appropriate 
  • During the Summer Term, pupils may wear suitable school summer dresses (checked or striped as available through stores such as supermarkets or other school uniform supplier) 


If parents prefer, pupils can wear the agreed uniform of their previous mainstream school.  

Please note that the following items are not acceptable alternatives to the list shown above: 

  • Jeans/jeggings or combat trousers  
  • Sports-branded trainers 


For PE and outdoor activities, all children need: 

  • Plain t-shirt
  • Plain shorts or track suit trousers 
  • Trainers or plimsolls 
  • A track suit or hooded jacket (for colder weather) 

The PRU classroom staff will explain what activity the pupils will be doing and discuss appropriate clothing with parents and any additional requirements such as waterproof jackets, wellington boots or sunhats.  



Children are permitted to wear one pair of plain stud earrings only, which can be covered by tape or removed for PE or outdoor activities if necessary for the safety of the pupil. Hooped or long earrings and any other type of jewellery are NOT allowed to be worn in the PRU.  Watches are permitted but may be placed in safekeeping during the PRU day if it proves to be a distraction for the pupil or other pupils in the class 


Other expectations:  

Haircuts should be sensible. Hair colours, shaved heads, marks into the hair etc., are not permitted. Long hair should be tied back with a plain hair band.  Nail varnish and makeup are not permitted.