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Perseverance Respect Understanding

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RSE Statement

We are committed to providing a balanced and holistic approach to our curriculum which aims to support the academic, cultural, personal and social development of all of our pupils. Our RSE policy supports that aim and is an essential part of a child’s education and will contribute to their personal and social development, equipping them to develop the skills and understanding to live healthy and independent lives.  


The development of pupils’ self-awareness is essential to an effective health education programme. If young people understand themselves, they are more likely to take care of themselves, think positively of other people and, therefore, develop nonexploitative, caring relationships. They are also less likely to be exploited by others. Challenging sexual stereotypes is an important aspect of RSE. The school will be sensitive towards all religious beliefs and practices.


A caring and developmental RSE programme needs to be more than just biology and the fundamentals of reproduction. Young people want reassurance about their body image, behaviour, feelings and relationships. They also need knowledge and skills appropriate to their level of maturity and developmental needs. 


The PRU will consider how best to deliver its RSE curriculum, taking into account the needs of pupils who are placed with us on both a dual registered basis and those who are with us full time (for example because of a permanent exclusion) so that all essential areas are covered, taking into account any overlap with mainstream schools where a pupil is normally based.  Please refer to our RSE Policy for full details.