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Dear parents, carers and school colleagues


I can now officially share with you the final Ofsted report following our two day inspection in the first half of the Autumn 2023 term.  As you will see, there are so many positive things highlighted within the report and as the lead inspector said to us himself in his final team meeting, "Pupils are so lucky to come here".  It is so lovely to read that the inspection team saw all of the hard-work, passion and commitment that the PRU staff have developed, fully supported by our dedicated management committee.  I am proud to have been the headteacher of the PRU for over twelve years now and it seems as though the team have gone from strength to strength.


As the expectations of the Department of Education have changed, so have the expectations of the Local Authority and schools.  As a result, it has always been a challenge to balance the supporting of pupils to manage their own behaviour so they can be successful in school, with giving them access to the highest quality education whilst they attend the PRU. I think that the Ofsted report highlights this challenge and that perhaps, more recently, we have prioritised the former rather than the latter.  


I believe this is why the team have suggested that we are re-inspected within the next two years.  As this is something that PRU leaders had already highlighted, it shows that we know our PRU incredibly well and were already on the way to supporting the improvement of the quality of education provided for our pupils.  As a result of this inspection, we will simply focus on this area of our work even more to ensure our pupils get the best experience possible and one they deserve to have.


Thankyou again for all of your support and feedback that we receive from you as our stakeholders, and if you have any questions about the inspection then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via one of our sites.  In the meantime, I promise that we will continue to be a "beacon of hope" for our pupils as noted by the inspection team. 


Yours faithfully


Stuart Cateridge

Executive Headteacher

The Buckinghamshire Primary PRU



The link below will take you to the Ofsted Parent View website page for The Buckinghamshire Primary Pupil Referral Unit.