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Sport Premium

The PE and Sports Premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.


The benefits of physical activity for children at the PRU are huge.  As well as its role for encouraging pupils to stay healthy and build confidence, physical education represents one of the basic tools to initiate, from an early age, healthy habits that contribute to physical and mental well-being.  It embeds all of the PRU values. 


We will continue to make improvements by speaking to pupils, staff and parents on how to best promote PE on the curriculum. Careful research, planning, monitoring and thinking long term will mean the changes we would like to make to facilities and equipment sustainable. We will endeavor to give our pupils the most positive experience from PE.


PRUs do not receive the funding directly from DfE. The funding is given to the local authority and they determine how much is allocated.


Funding received for 2020/2021: £9444 in addition to this a further £9253 was carried over from 2019/2020.


How has the money been used in 2020/21?


Over the past academic year, we have followed guidance with respect to Covid-19 and continued to provide safe physical eductaion and opportunities for our children to develop a wide range of physical skills. Risk assessments were put in place in line with guidance to schools. 


Our pupils have particapted in lessons to develop skills in hockey, netball, basketball, cricket and athletics. We have used the PE budget to buy additional PE resources for these lessons to ensure that the children had personal equipment. In addition to these lessons, qualified coaches delivered tennis, cricket, athletics and multi-skills lessons, funded from the PE budget. The PE coaching has been very successful, developing our children's co-ordination, communication, fitness and teamwork in addition to the specific sports skills.


We replenished existing equipment at all three sites. This was to update and offer more variety in all areas of physical education. The equipment on all sites was not only used during PE lessons but also each playtime to develop core strength, co-ordination, balance, fitness, racket and ball skills and communication.


During the summer term, the children from each site have had the opportunity to engage in outdoor adventurous activities including climbing, abseiling, archery, crate-stacking, zip-wire experiences and peddle karting. These sessions were very successful, not only developing skills in activities the children had not experienced before, but also instilling in them a sense of achievement, pride, team spirit and increased self-esteem. A new link was established with a gymnastics provider in the Summer term and children from The Oaks enjoyed a course of lessons to deliver the gym curriculum in this ideal environment. This is something we will follow up next year.


Towards the end of the school year, we have explored ways to improve Pathways' playground area to enable more opportunities for physical activities and sport to take place on site. This will improve our capacity and capability to increase our PE curriculum. Funding will come from both the PE grant and as part of our capital expenditure.


Due to restrictions in place at swimming pools in the Summer Term 2021, unfortunately we were unable to take pupils swimming to help them meet the nationak curriculum requirements. 


Funding carried forward to 2021/22: £14,512

How will the money be used in 2021/22?


At the beginning of this year, we will audit existing equipment and staff PE teaching competency. We will use the PE grant to update our equipment and bring in external providers where required to ensure that we deliver the PE curriculum to a high standard. We intend to provide swimming lessons (beyond the minimum requirement) for full-time pupils on all three sites in the Summer Term and are also looking into offering after school sports opportunities for our children.