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Perseverance Respect Understanding

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Curriculum and Classes

We aim to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where our pupils can all become successful learners. Each pupil’s individual needs are addressed through differentiated access to the primary curriculum. Pupils have Maths and English daily and all other subject areas are taught through a termly theme or topic. Read, Write Inc. is used to teach phonics across all three sites. Please click on the links below to access this academic year's curriculum. 


Pupils are encouraged to develop independence and motivation in a secure environment where they can also develop skills in:


  • Social and behavioural learning
  • Personal and emotional learning
  • Language and communication
  • Academic curriculum including PSHE, Science, Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History, RE, Music, PE and Computing.


It is the responsibility of the staff at the PRU to deliver highly effective education to all pupils who attend. Alongside the formal, academic curriculum, pupils are also taught how to appropriately manage their feelings and behaviour as this is why most pupils are referred to us.


All teachers follow the primary curriculum in order to support pupils to make better than expected progress in reading, writing and maths. However, all curriculum subjects are taught and this is through the system of topics. Pupils’ work is recorded, marked and fedback to them to support their progress in learning, and teaching staff adhere to the PRU’s agreed Marking Policy for consistency across all three sites. Specific interventions are in place for those pupils who need additional support as identified through gaps in their learning.


There are also regular opportunities each term for parents to talk with their child’s lead teacher to discuss the progress of a pupil and to visit the PRU for events which showcase the achievements of their child though out the term.