About Us

The Buckinghamshire Primary Pupil Referral Unit was formed in September 2011 with the amalgamation of The Oaks (Amersham), Woodlands (High Wycombe) and Pathways (Aylesbury).

We provide support for children experiencing significant social, emotional or behavioural difficulties in their mainstream primary school. Children may be supported by outreach or by attendance at one of our units. We serve all maintained primary schools in Buckinghamshire.

How successful are we?

  • Following a full-time place at the PRU in 2018/19, only 6.7% (2/30) of pupils received a fixed period of exclusion and just 3.3% (1/30) of pupils were permanently excluded from their next school.
  • Following a dual-registered placement with the PRU in 2018/19, just 14.8% (9/61) of pupils received a fixed period of exclusion from their school and none were permanently excluded.
  • Following a period of outreach support in 2018/19, just 15.2% (21/138) of pupils received a period of fixed term exclusion from their school and only 0.7% (1/138) was permanently excluded

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