Remote Learning Provision

During this lockdown period the vast majority of the pupils on our roll are still coming into the PRU. This is due to their vulnerable nature and / or being the children of critical workers.

Where this is not the case then pupils are learning remotely from home. Each pupil’s lead teacher ensures that an appropriate amount and level of work is set for them each week that is returned and marked regularly. The work is sent in a manner agreed with the pupil’s parents / carers and this could be via email, by post or hand-delivered by a member of staff.

We recognise that some of our pupils will not have access at home to digital or online resources. We will work with parents and carers so that work for the pupil is set in a way in which they can best access it.  This includes the option of issuing an iPad or laptop together with physical resources such as books, papers, art materials and other stationery.  Our small numbers mean that we are able to take individual approaches which best suit the needs of our pupils and their families.   

The type of work currently being set includes an hour of English, an hour of Maths, an hour of topic-based work that covers the foundation subjects, and phonics / reading sessions. Where a pupil also requires a specific intervention to help with their social, emotional or mental health needs then this is also in place remotely ie Lego therapy.  The lead teacher will also signpost parents to other useful resources and activities to help them to support their child. This includes signposting to information for parents such as safe use of the internet, online PE classes and BBC learning options for primary children.

Where a pupil is dual-registered with a mainstream school and would usually attend the PRU part-time, the lead teacher liaises with a member of their mainstream school staff on a regular basis to ensure the correct amount of work is being set. This communication also allows key professionals to ensure that the pupil is safe whilst not in school.

Where a pupil would usually be at the PRU full-time, their lead teacher makes contact with them on a weekly basis. This occurs via Teams / Zoom, by telephone or face to face from their home doorstep and at a safe distance. This then allows the lead teacher to undertake their duty of care to ensure that the pupil is safe whilst not in school.