Buckinghamshire Primary Pupil Referral Portal

Referral Portal

The Pupil Referral Portal is designed to facilitate the current physical referral processes in an online environment and will provide greater consistency, visibility and accountability for all parties.

Click here to download the latest School Referral User Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not attempt to log into the referral portal if you have already logged into an Office 365 webmail account (eg. Outlook). This will either result in your email account reopening or produce an error message. This is because you are trying to access the site which is registered to another Office email address.
Log out of your Office 365 email account and close the browser before re-opening Chrome or Internet Explorer (or alternatively, open a separate browser).


This above Login button will take you to the Office 365 login page. Enter your username and password provided (if these are unknown, please contact the PRU)

(You may get this screen – if so, select Use another account and enter username and password provided).