PE/Sports Premium

The PE and Sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.

PRUs do not receive the funding directly from DfE. The funding is given to the local authority and they determine how much is allocated.

Funding received for 2019/2020: £8000. In addition, £5000 was carried over from the previous year

How has the money been used in 2019/20?

Over this past academic year our pupils have participated in hockey, rugby, basketball, multi sports and street dance lessons, led by qualified coaches and funded from the PE budget. The PE coaching has been very successful, developing our children’s co-ordination, communication, fitness and team work in addition to the specific sports skills. During the Autumn Term, some children also engaged in adventurous outdoor activities during their visits to a Forest School.

Children from Pathways had a visit to the bowling alley at the end of the Autumn Term and enjoyed using the skills they had been developing; great fun was had by all.

We provided a term of swimming and water safety lessons for full time pupils attending both Woodlands and Pathways.  This was an excellent experience for the groups of children that took part; for many of them it was their first outing to a swimming pool to have lessons. Unfortunately, the programme of lessons was cut short by lock down, so although it was clear that the children had made visible improvements, they were not able to undertake their final assessments. Funding was also provided for two members of staff to gain the necessary poolside swimming coach qualification.

We replenished existing equipment at all three sites. This was to update and offer more variety in all areas of physical education.  The equipment on all sites was not only used during PE lessons but also each playtime to develop co-ordination, balance, fitness, racket and ball skills, and communication. The children practised these skills working together in pairs and groups.

Funding carried forward to 2020/21: £9200

How will the money be used in 2020/21?

At the beginning of the year, we will audit existing equipment and staff PE teaching competency. We will use the PE budget to update our equipment and bring in external providers where required to ensure that we deliver the PE curriculum to a high standard. We also intend to provide swimming lessons for the children on all three sites in the Summer Term.