Other Services and Costs

This page describes the services that The Buckinghamshire Primary PRU could offer to mainstream schools in Buckinghamshire beyond the standard inreach and outreach packages.  The list is not exhaustive as bespoke support packages to meet particular needs can be discussed between The Teacher in Charge at the relevant PRU site and school senior management.

PRU staff who deliver the training/service are all experienced and judged to be competent either through attending an accredited course, having the relevant qualifications or by formal observation and performance management by line managers. The cost of these services fall into one of two brackets:

1.The following services have an additional specific cost to schools:

Team Teach

This is a national organisation and four PRU staff are qualified tutors.  Team Teach strategies focus on de-escalation techniques as well as physical intervention.  Most mainstream primary schools request a one day course; however, special schools, ARPs and care home settings usually require a 2 day course due to the greater need of physical intervention with their young people.  This course can be booked through the Bucks Learning Trust (BLT) for individual members of staff or directly with the PRU for whole staff training.  If the latter is required, costs are £720 for up to 12 people and then £60 for every additional person up to a maximum of 24.

Extended Outreach

Towards the end of the standard ten sessions of individual pupil outreach a formal review is held. If both PRU and school staff agree a further period of outreach support is necessary, then the standard service will continue for up to a maximum of a further ten sessions followed by a final review.

If, however, the PRU do not feel that on-going standard outreach support is appropriate, either at the end of the initial or secondary programme, then it is possible for the school to ask for an individual package to be developed. This individualised service will incur a cost of £50 per additional session of outreach.


2. The following services have an additional cost to schools:        £100 an hour, £300 for half a day, £500 for a full day.

Behaviour Management

For those schools where it is highly unlikely that a pupil will need to be physically managed, behaviour management training is offered to either the whole staff team or specific groups such as teachers, teaching assistants or midday supervisors.  The training consists of a PowerPoint presentation which covers areas such as reasons for poor behaviour, de-escalation techniques and staff duty of care.

Formal Coaching and Mentoring

The PRU can provide coaching and mentoring for individual school staff to support them in developing their skills to manage classroom behaviour. This can be tailored to meet the needs of either teachers or classroom support staff.  In addition, senior staff at the PRU can provide a mentoring service to headteachers and/or their senior team to help them develop their skills and knowledge to successfully implement behaviour policies, actions plans or whole school initiatives.

Behaviour Review

In preparation for an inspection, a senior member of PRU staff can spend time in a school reviewing the behaviour aspect of the personal development, behaviour and welfare judgement.  Together with senior members of school staff learning walks, lesson observations, systems scrutiny and meetings with staff will be completed to help the school self-evaluate this area.

Peer Massage

A small number of staff are trained as trainers to deliver peer massage. Peer massage has been shown to have a positive influence in encouraging children to give and receive a nurturing touch and to help them to develop the skills needed for peer mediation and discussion.

Circle Time

This provides a time for listening, developing attention span, promoting oral communication and learning new concepts and skills.  It is a time for auditory memory, sensory experiences, socialisation and a time for fun.  Teachers have the power to make group time more effective and enjoyable for all involved. Quality Circle Time is a democratic and creative approach used to consider a wide range of issues affecting the whole school community.  Pupils learn and understand the consequences of their behaviour and begin to take on responsibility for themselves and their immediate and wider community.