PE/Sports Premium

The PE and Sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality pf the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.

PRUs do not receive the funding directly from DfE. The funding is given to the local authority and they determine how much is allocated.

Funding received for 2015/2016: £1033

How has the money been used in 2015/16?

Tennis equipment and Kwik Cricket set – building on the success of tennis lessons, new tennis equipment has been brought to help develop the children’s motor control skills and their hand to eye co-ordination. Tennis encourages social paired play and the children are learning how to play within the rules of the game as well as developing the skills needed to play tennis. Kwik Cricket has given children a new experience in PE. It has helped with hand to eye co ordination and supports and encourages children to play as a team. Through bespoke PE lessons these two games and their equipment will continue to help children progress.

Soft tennis balls and footballs – The equipment is used each playtime to develop hand-eye coordination, throwing/catching, working pairs and in groups. The children continue to develop their co-ordination skills and also their communication skills during play times.

Funding received Sept 2016-March 2017: £2414

How will the money be used in 2016/17?

To enable the children we teach to access a wider range of Physical Education experiences, we aim to provide half a term of swimming lessons for full time pupils attending the PRU. The funding will support transportation, pool hire and costs for weekly swimming lessons.

Replenishment of existing equipment; tennis rackets and balls, footballs, basketballs, bean bags etc. This is to update and offer more variety in all areas of physical education.  The equipment is not only used during PE lessons but also each playtime to develop hand-eye coordination, throwing/catching skills, working in pairs and in groups. The children continue to develop their co-ordination skills and also their communication skills.

Playground activity floor markings to provide an opportunity to use the playground in a more structured and effective way during PE lessons, break and lunch times.  These are a permanent fixture which can be used for cross-curricular activities.

Visits to our local sports centres to access expertise and facilities which will enhance the wellbeing and healthy lifestyle of the pupils that attend the PRU.