PE/Sports Premium

The PE and Sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.

PRUs do not receive the funding directly from DfE. The funding is given to the local authority and they determine how much is allocated.

Funding received for 2017/2018: £7000

How has the money been used in 2017/18?

We provided half a term of swimming lessons for full time pupils attending both The Oaks and Pathways sites. The funding supported transportation, pool hire and the costs for weekly swimming lessons. This was an excellent experience for the groups of children that took part and for most of them it was their first outing to a swimming pool to have lessons.

We also replenished existing equipment; tennis rackets and balls, footballs, basketballs, bean bags etc. This was to update and offer more variety in all areas of physical education.  The equipment was not only used during PE lessons but also each playtime to develop hand-eye coordination, throwing/catching skills, working in pairs and in groups. The children continued to develop their co-ordination skills and also their communication skills.

Finally, playground activity floor markings were also purchased at Pathways and provided an opportunity to use the playground in a more structured and effective way during PE lessons, break and lunch times.  These are a permanent fixture and are used for cross-curricular activities.

Funding carried forward to 2018/19: £12000

How will the money be used in 2018/19?

We plan to provide the following:

  • Half a term of swimming lessons for all full time pupils attending the PRU across all three sites. The funding will support transportation, pool hire and costs for weekly swimming lessons.
  • Replenishment of existing equipment. All of the sites are in the process of ordering new equipment.
  • Playground activity floor markings, as not all of the sites have had their playground marked. However, the process is continuing so all of the sites have playground markings.
  • External agencies to come in and provide services such as weekly sports specific lessons.
  • Outdoor pursuits days for each site including a residential trip in the summer term.